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Experience of rice farming from seeding, planting to reaping

You will actually try “planting” to “reaping” receiving advices from a rice farmer.
Enjoy the growth of rice about half a year from the “seeding” of the spring until the “harvest” of fall, while feeling the seasonal changes of rural landscape.
“OBOROZUKI” is one of popular varieties, and we grow them with low-pesticide.
Not only farming rice simply, we prepare special programs such as making soba noodles and jam when holding events of seeding, planting, and reaping. Please enjoy the "taste", “safety”, "nature" and "joy of the harvest" through the rice farming.

Recruiting Details

Size of a lot 1are(100㎡)
Fees \25,000/lot
Number of lots Max 100 lots

※First come first served.
※Guaranteed at least 30kg of rice on poor crops.

※Are crops per lot was 55kg of rice in 2012.

Some photo images on this activities.