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Surfing & Bodyboarding

Speaking about surfing sport in Hokkaido, it is Atsuma here.
It is the best sport at Hama-Atsuma coast. During the seasons regardless weekdays and weekends, a lot of surfers visits Atsuma and enjoy the waves here.
It can be called the “Shonan of the North”.

With Hama-Atsuma coast of wide sandy beaches, the best conditions for surfing & body board are in place.
In addition to water sports, Hama-Atsuma coast is also the spot to enjoy paragliding and ATVs freely.
Hama-Atsuma is not just for sport, “Atsuma beach festival” was held on the last Sunday of July, and There are a lot of events that anyone can participate, such as playing Taiko, the game of split-the-watermelon, Sumo wrestling for children, Searching Surf clam by hand in water, beer garden, lots of seafood sale and taste of the seaside corner.

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Surfing & Bodyboarding 【 Address:Hama-Atsuma, Atsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido 】