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Nature Experience Program

Atsuma is a town that has rich nature such as an ocean, mountains and swamps.
On sea side, there are beautiful sunset and surfing in Hama Atsuma, and rural landscape that the field spreads is on the inland side. In addition, beautiful starry sky is spread at night. Although it is part of the charm of the nature in Atsuma, you can experience in the following programs.

The list of Experiencing programs

Experience Season Program E:early L:late M:mid ☆:Available
4月 5月 6月 7月 8月 9月 10月 11月 12月 1月 2月 3月
For a
Starry sky
firefly observation       M M              


Programs for limited season only

Starry sky observation

Atsuma has less streetlight in town and the star-filled night sky has spread where the suburbs are.
In the clear air of the countryside, we can observe many stars we can not see in the city.

Term May to October

Up to 40 people Minmum 5 people

Time required 90 min
Fee \5,500 per event

Firefly observation

Observing fireflies in Centennial Park. The environments that fireflies can live have recently become fewer and fewer, but lots of fireflies can be observed in the town of Atsuma with rich nature.

Term Mid Juiy to Mid Aug

Up to 40 people Minmum 5 people

Time required 40 min ~ 100 min
Fee \3,500 per event

Surfing class

The coast at Hama-Atsuma district is one of the best surfing sport in Hokkaido.
ISA(International Surfing Association) certified instructor will kindly show you how to surf, so even beginner can try it at ease.

Term July to October
Availability Up to 3 people Minmum 1 people
Time required 120 min
Fee \3,000(Including Equipment rental fee and Insurance.)