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At the "Tourism Recreation Farm", fully home colored with deep green and clean air, we provide the experience of digging potato. It seems like the “treasure hunt” to work digging out the delicious May Queen potato from the fertile ground of Atsuma.
Joy when big potatoes came out is exceptional!!
Outdoor BBQ lunch with one of our speciality products, “Azuma Jingisukan” is also available upon your requests. A lot of groups have enjoyed this program every year.
Please use for colleagues’ and family leisure.

Contents of Photo Digging

Fees \15,000 per are (100㎡)
※20 people per 1 are is the best suit for Potato Digging.
※Please consider to have more than 20 people per 1 are when you book.
(otherwise, please contact us by phone.)
※If you would like have drinks or the sale of vegetables other than potatoes, please inform us at the time of booking.
※You can purchase bags for potato at \35 per bag if you would like.
 (suit for 15kg of potatoes)


When using the town square
Set A Jingisukan BBQ(300g) with 2rice balls. \1,100/person
Set B Grilled Jingisukan with 2rice balls,bean sprouts. \1,300/person

When using barbecue space KOBUSHINOYU
※With grilled outdoors, can accommodate up to 45 people.
Set A Jingisukan BBQ(300g) with rice balls,vegetables. \1,100/person
Set B Grilled Jingisukan Special(300g) with vegetables
+ Kobushinoyu Bathing ticket.
Set C Grilled Jingisukan Special(300g) with rice balls,vegetables
+ Kobushinoyu Bathing ticket.

dispose please take all Garbage to your home, or we will dispose them for you with the fee of \30 per parson.


★ A small shovel and rake are very useful for digging. It would be even better with a hoe.
★ Need rubber and work gloves, and boots.
★ Because the parking lot is limited, please make use of the chartered bus or share your car with your friends and family.
★ The place of lunch is in public facilities such as parks, so please note the followings,

1. You can play with balls and enjoy free Park Golf when you bring your own equipments.
2. Due to the regulations of park management, please bring garbage bags and take garbage to home after meals.