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Event Information

Atsuma International 3 ropes tugs of war on snow competition(January)

New Sports “3 ropes tugs of war” is originated from Atsuma. This tugs of war uses three ropes in same time and a victory of the team is who took two of them. This competition requires physical fitness, strategy and teamwork.

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Lantern Festival (February)

Countless ice candles decorate the main venue and its surroundings, and you can enjoy many events, such as Jingisukan BBQ in cold, competitive eating ramen, etc. Star Fest in Atsuma is also held at the same time.

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Star Fest in Atsuma (February)

Winter tradition in Atsuma. Enjoy the “Huge grilled Chinese character” and about 2000 fireworks in the winter night sky.
At the venue, some events, such as free-serving alcohol and Mochimaki are held, and crowded with a large number of tourists every year.

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Atsuma Rural Festival (June)

One of the two major festivals of Atsuma.
a number of events take place, such as special events on the main stage of the venue and Yosakoi parade in the main street.
You can fully enjoy direct selling specialty with reasonable prices, grilled Atsuma Jingisukan in the main venue for excellent gourmet!

Atsuma Beach Festival (July)

Summer Festival of the sandy beach and the venue is in Hama-Atsuma. There are a lot of events that anyone can participate, such as playing Taiko, the game of split-the-watermelon, Sumo wrestling for children, Searching Surf clam by hand in water, beer garden, lots of seafood sale and taste of the seaside corner.