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Eat in Atsuma

Restaurant KOBUSHI

There are various meals with finely selected local ingredients in menu. The most popular dish is the “pork bowl” using local grazing pig. Jingisukan of curried Ezo deer is recently added to the menu as new regional dish.

Address 229-1 Hongo Atsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-26-7126
hours 11:30~20:30  closed on Sunday

NAKAJIMA Shokudo (diner)

Taste of pride has been kept since 1910.
Please try Soba and Udon noodles.
Kashiwa soba (soba noodle with chicken) is one of our best dishes.

Address 16 kyomachi Atsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-2058
hours 11:00~18:00  closed on Sunday


“Ducks ramen” with clean taste is very popular.
Substantial “Pork cutlet bowl” also has good reputation.

Address 141 kyomachi Atsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-3776
hours 11:00~  days a week

Drive-in Hongo

There are various Bento boxes and Bowls.
Please stop by at a rest of the drive and work.

Address 270 Hongo Atsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-2762
hours 10:00~19:00  days a week

Restaurant KAKURENBO

Recommends “Hamakko ramen” with seafood, such as local surf clams, squids, scallops and shrimps. In addition, there are “surf clam curry” and “surf clam bowl” that you can enjoy best seafood in Atsuma, and Rice ball with Haskap can also be served.

Address 252-20 Nisikimachi Atsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-28-2201
hours 11:00~14:00  closed on Sunday

Grilled meat ATSUMA-EN

A cordial service with selected freshness and quality of meat is our motto. Fresh Horumon is recommended from grilled meat menu, so as Shrimp cutlet curry, Kimchi ramen, and stone-roasted bibimbap from other menu.

Address 7-3 Kamiatsuma Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-2929
hours 11:00~22:30  days a week

Sushi restaurant TAKASUSHI

Fresh fish and ingredients are purchased from local market.
Offers not only sushi also creative cuisine dishes. Enjoy a taste that varies with seasons!

Address 23-1 Kyomachi Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-2744
hours 17:00~22:30  closed on Sunday

hostess bar Joint

Drink, sing, shop carefree fun. I will make noise at all.

Address 6 Omotemachi Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-2851
hours 19:00~  
closed on Sundays and public holidays

Japanese-style bar Edokko

It is a shop unrestrained freedom.

Address 51 Honcho Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido
Tel 0145-27-2062
hours 17:00~  
closed on Sundays and public holidays