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Agriculture Experience Program

Agriculture is the key industry of Atsuma.
Around programs including a main program that you can experience the entire agriculture itself as "the rice field owner", you can experience the rural culture and climate. The programs are plenty that can not be experienced in a typical farm tourist.
It is recommended for those who are unsatisfied for harvest and taste only. Why not to add these as plus alpha on the usual tours.

The list of Experiencing programs

Experience Season Program E:early L:late M:mid ☆:Available
4月 5月 6月 7月 8月 9月 10月 11月 12月 1月 2月 3月
For a
Owing ricefield L L E        

Using old-time

farming Equipments

Field trip to sheep farm            
sheep clipping L E                    
Growing Shiitake
for the
Pruning Experience Those programs are available
throagh year round.
Field trip to shiitake
mushroom farm
Field trip of charcoal kilm


Programs for limited season only

Rice Field Owner

You will actually try “planting” to “reaping” receiving advices from a rice farmer. A provided field has been used for growing one of Hokkaido brand rice, “TANTO-MAI” and is a fertile ground. The owner grows “OBOROZUKI”, one of popular varieties with low-pesticide there. Please enjoy this luxury tour including "taste", “safety” and "nature" as one with your friends and family.

Term April to November
Availability 100 lots only (first come first served.)
Time required
Fee \25,000 per 1are

Old agricultural equipments

Atsuma town has kept old threshing machine in good condition and it can still be used. You will be able to experience the process of threshing to milling rice using the old farm equipment with the commentary of those who guide.

Term October to November
Availability Up to 40 people(individual-group)
Time required 120 min.
Fee \25,000 per event.

Sheep farm field trip

You can interact with cute sheep at Yamada farm, experiencing to feed and touch the sheep

Term May to October
Availability Up to 20 people(individual-group)
Time required 60 min.
Fee \3,500 per event.

Sheep shearing

Yamada farm offers shearing sheep to tourists once a year as the premium event.

Term Late April to Early May
Availability Up to 20 people(individual-group)
Time required No time limit.
Fee \3,500 per event.

Mushroom cultivation

Shiitake mushroom cultivation by wood is popular in Atsuma.
You will learn to make bed logs for mushroom, how to manage and the harvest. Your bed logs can be taken to home.

Term May・October
Availability Up to 40 people(group only)
Time required 90 min
Fee From \1,000/person
(depends on volame of harvest)

year round program

Pruning in forest

The rich forests spread in Atsuma and pruning is necessary in order to produce a good quality wood.
It is a program to learn about forest creation from the professional along with the pruning.

Term year round
Availability Up to 40 people Minmum 5 people
Time required 120 min
Fee \500 per person.

Visit to Mushroom farm

Shiitake cultivation by wood is popular in Atsuma.
Visit the shiitake growers and they will directly explain how to cultivate delicious Shiitake.

Term year round
Availability Up to 40 people (individual-group)
Time required 60 min
Fee \3,500 per event

Observing Charcoal kiln

Atsuma has high quality trees in forests, which is about 70% of the area in this town. Charcoal production has been popular from old times and the charcoal kiln still remains. You will observe the kiln with the commentary by coal production.

Term year round
Availability Up to 40 people (individual-group)
Time required 60 min
Fee \3,500 per event